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Red Ribbon Kiosk - Tanforan Mall - San Francisco CA Metro PCS Kiosk - Santa Ana Main Place Mall - Santa Ana CA Shapes Brow Bar Kiosk
Corioliss Kiosk - Valley Fair Mall - San Jose CA Parfumerie Kiosk - Fox Hills Mall - Culver City CA Helios Kiosk - Plaza Camino Real - Carlsbad CA
Sprint Kiosk - Plaza Bonita Mall - National City CA Wetzel's Pretzels Kiosk - Solano Mall - Fairfield CA WIRELESS NEIGHBORHOOD - CERRITOS MALL, CALIFORNIA

All kiosks are designed to maximize your sales potential and follow mall criteria. Whether you need one customized mall kiosk or a hundred, NBI can design, build, and install them for you. View a pre production checklist.

Using Computer Assisted Design, we'll mass-produce exact replicas of your mall kiosks, or easily implement small variations. We specialize in customized kiosks.

Even if you need large-scale rollouts and simultaneous deliveries, NBI will deliver and install your custom store fixtures anywhere in North America.

Business owners have been coming to us for decades to build their Jewelry Kiosks, Cell Phone Kiosks, and Food Kiosks. Our clients have included big names such as Disney, Macy's, and Häagen Dazs; as well as hundreds of ambitious individuals.

If you're a first-time buyer, be sure to consult our Checklist, then contact us and we'll lead you get through the process. We'll make sure your mall kiosk satisfies the local government requirements, and all the mall criteria. Not to mention your own.

Building Your Mall Kiosk

The first step is a consultation. You’ll tell us what you need and how you would like your customized mall kiosks to look. Since much of the design of a mall kiosk is specified by the mall, we’ll determine the best solution that meets your requirements and the mall criteria.

We’ll work directly with the mall and advise you on different options involving dimensions, materials used, color, and appearance of your mall kiosk.

In the end we’ll come up with a written blueprint of a preliminary design concept, and quote you a price. If you’re satisfied with the offering, you’ll make an initial deposit and we’ll produce line drawings with color rendering for your approval.

At this point, we’ll also submit the design to the mall for approval. Our experience and relationship with many different malls enables us to gain quick approval in most cases. Once the mall approves the design, we’ll submit it to the city.

After we’ve matched the legal requirements with your needs and ideas, we’ll manufacture your mall kiosk. We employ Computer Assisted Design (CAD) to ensure multiple copies of your mall kiosk are alike. CAD also makes it easy to implement any changes made from the original design.

All our materials are precision-cut using Computer Numerical Control - the technique where a cutting head such as a router is controlled by a computer through a program that defines the cutting path to be followed.

NBI carries out every phase of production in-house. We work with wood, plastic laminate, glass, metal, solid surface materials, marble, and granite. The skilled craftsmen in our finishing shop have extensive experience working in hardwood, wood veneers, and painted finishes.

Delivery and Installation of Your Mall Kiosk

All mall kiosks are fully assembled, cleaned, and tested at our facility. We plug it in and test the lights, audio/visual equipment, electrical outlets and other components. Then we assign a crew to disassemble the units and pack all the parts for shipping. To ensure accountability, this same crew will unpack and install the units.

We always deliver on time, and install your kiosk in one night. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

The entire production cycle, from your acceptance of the preliminary design to the installation of your mall kiosk, takes four to six weeks. Under special circumstances, we may be able to expedite the process for a faster completion.

NBI has over 25 years of experience, and can handle large-scale rollouts and simultaneous deliveries. When you need the highest care and quality, delivered on-time and within your budget, contact us for a free quote.