You can always count on accuracy and quality control through a complete range of workshop skills. We invest heavily in technology, with computer controlled automation for extreme precision.

NBI can mass-produce your customized commercial furniture, create minor variations for local needs, or easily make design changes, thanks to the technology we use. We'll plan your commercial furniture using Computer Assisted Design (CAD), ensuring that the finished product will be true to the original concept.

From the most basic of concepts we can produce a 3D color rendition of your proposed display unit layout. This will show you how the final production will look, and we can modify or reproduce it for you as many times as needed. Once the design has been approved, we'll carry it seamlessly through completion, delivery and installation.

All our materials are precision-cut using Computer Numerical Control - the technique where a cutting head such as a router is controlled by a computer through a program that defines the cutting path to be followed.

We manufacture every furniture detail to the highest standards, including the most complex assemblies, counters, furniture and fittings. Our project experience allows us to recommend the best solution for your specifications, whether the skills required involve traditional color staining and polishing, or spray application of varnish and paints.

Let us know what you need. From mall kiosks to modern office furniture, We'll give you a reliable quote, a fast turnaround, and the quality that businesses across America have come to expect over the past 25 years.