Manufacturing and Design Technology

Using computer systems for both design and production, means that every stage of the design, development and manufacturing process is closely monitored and recorded. Consequently if additional units are required to compliment the current production in the future, all drawings, materials and production details can be retrieved at the click of a button.

From the most basic of concepts we are capable of producing point of sale units, which are both functional and symbiotic with the product. Using 3D visuals we can provide fully rendered images before production, therefore ensuring that the client is totally at ease with the product and at any stage the design can be amended and improved. Once the design has been approved, proceeding to prototype and production is seamless.

Point of sale units and mall kiosks (as with all our units) can be supplied pre-assembled or flat packed - this is often beneficial so that the units can be quickly assembled and dressed in store by representatives or the retailer. All flat packed units are supplied with fittings, assembly instructions and where required pictorial representation of construction. We can also arrange for units to be dispatched in bulk or direct to individual outlets.