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Review of NBI Kiosks on Food Truck Empire

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This is a review from Food Truck Empire – Nakamura Beeman, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of customized kiosk and retail mall fixture based in Santa Fe Springs, California. Thirty years of experience has landed big-name clients such as Häagen Dazs, Macy’s, and Disney.

The company boasts of being able to build numerous kiosks simultaneously depending on your requirements. They can design, build, and install as many kiosks you require in any retail building in North America. The company can mass manufacture exact reproductions of your kiosks including top franchises. We have an expert CAD software designer who can create a 3D visual representation of your kiosk and you can approve the design before we build it.

Another advantage is that we guarantee your ability to comply with any local city ordinance, mall, fire, and health requirements. With thirty years of experience in the industry, NBI can tell you what to expect from these government authorities. NBI ensures that every project will meet any standards you or these entities may require. This includes notifying you of any modifications required if such need arises during the planning and kiosk design process.

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